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Become a regional coffee competition judge

Do you have a strong barista background or relevant coffee tasting experience? Are you looking to become involved in the U.S. regional coffee competitions? Have a strong cupping or tasting background that involves the use of a scored cupping sheet?

Becoming certified as a U.S. Coffee Championships (USCC) Regional Judge provides you an opportunity to be involved at the center of the competition while helping to advance your overall espresso knowledge. At all of our regional coffee competitions, our pool of judges plays an integral part in determining each of our regional champions. It is a serious commitment that provides access to some of the most innovative coffee preparation techniques in the specialty coffee community!

Barista Competitions

To learn more about the specifics of the barista competition and to prepare for your judges class, be sure to review and understand the USBC Rules and Regulations. You should also take a moment to understand the Head Judge, Technical Judge and Sensory Judge Scoresheets.

Brewers Cup Competitions

To learn about the specifics of the brewers cup competition and to prepare for your judges class, be sure to review and understand the Rules & Regulations here.

Upcoming opportunities:

Judges E-Learning Session | September 8, 2014 | 2:00pm - 4:00pm (PST)
This is open to competitors and judges and anybody interested in finding out what the judges are looking for during competition.
Register by clicking here.

The Big Western Regional Coffee Competition| Rancho Mirage, CA | October 7-10, 2014
Register to judge by clicking here.

The Big Central Regional Coffee Competition |Minneapolis, MN |November  6-9, 2014
Register to judge by clicking here

The Big Eastern Regional Coffee Competition |Durham, NC |November  21-23, 2014
Register to judge by clicking here 

About the Competitions Committee

The Competitions Committee is a set of subcommittees made up of volunteers that support the mission of the SCAA and assist in developing initiatives toward the implementation and improvement of judging of all SCAA run competitions. This committee is comprised of subcommittees that focus on individual competitions.

- Barista Competition Subcommittee
- Brewers Cup Subcommittee
- Latte Art Competition Subcommittee
- Cup Tasters & Other Competitions Subcommittee

The chairs of each subcommittee can be reached at Please contact us if you have questions regarding Rules & Regulations, becoming a judge, or other judge related inquiries.

For a list of 2014 SCAA Competitions Committee members, click here.

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