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Now that you've decided to take your barista abilities and knowledge to the next level, it's time to make sure that you've got all the competitive edge you'll need. Refine your technical skills and add some personal flair to your presentation. It's your chance to show off your talent so make the most of your 15 minutes. After all, you'll be competing against some of the most talented baristas out there. Make sure you familiarize yourself with USBC Rules and Regulations and Scoresheets. Registration opens Aug 11th.


Do you have a strong barista background or relevant coffee tasting experience? Are you looking to become involved in the regional barista competitions? Becoming certified as a U.S. Coffee Championships (USCC) Regional Judge provides you an opportunity to be involved at the center of the competition while helping to advance your overall espresso knowledge. At all of our regional coffee competitions, our pool of judges plays an integral part in determining each of our regional champions. It is a serious commitment that provides access to some of the most innovative coffee preparation techniques in the specialty coffee community!


If you have ever thought about competing, volunteering is a great way to get a behind the scenes look at what it takes.

Our competitions rely heavily on volunteer participation for critical positions such as Timekeepers, Station Maintenance support and Scorekeepers plus a variety of other skill building position. Volunteering is also gives you the opportunity to network with current competitors and other industry professionals.

Take a look at the various volunteer positions available to you and sign-up today!


SCAA has created targeted sponsorship opportunities to showcase your company’s products and services and reach a targeted audience. Learn more about how you can highlight your products, create branding and networking opportunities, engage and interact as an industry leader among coffee professionals.


Interested in covering a U.S Coffee Championship? We welcome the opportunity to work with members of the media to share the specialty coffee story. If you're interested in attending a competition, scheduling an interview or requesting photographs for editorial purposes, please contact us on the media contact page.

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