U.S. Latte Art Championship

US Latte Art

The U.S. Latte Art Championship brings together artistic baristas from across the country to create championship quality lattes for 2 visual judges, 1 head judge, and 1 technical judge. In Round 1 competitors will make 2 free pour lattes and 2 designer lattes on stage for their judges in a 6 minute presentation as well as creating a unique and artistic design off stage in the Art Bar portion of this round. Free pouring, etching, and use of dyes on the surface of the latte are allowed in the Art Bar, which allows for an opportunity for competitors to express their creativity through patterns.

The 6 top competitors from Round 1 will move on to finals where they will make 2 macchiatos, 2 free pour lattes, and 2 designer lattes for judges in an 8 minute performance. In both rounds, competitors are judged on their foam quality, difficulty of design, ability to reproduce their design, and creativity.



past champions

Simeon Bricker

Competing for:
The Roasterie

Kansas City, MO

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