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Georgia World Congress Center

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APRIL 14-17, 2016

thu-sat 9:00AM - 5:00PM
sun 9:00AM - 4:30PM
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    2015 U.S. Coffee Championship Results

    The 2015 U.S. Coffee Champions have been declared. Meet them!

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  • 2015 uscc prizes
    USCC Prizes

    Winners walk away with some nifty prizes. Check them out!

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  • USCC Champs-8
    2014 U.S. Coffee Championship Results

    Thousands of spectators joined us at the U.S. Coffee Championship Arena, now see the results of the U.S. Coffee Championships.

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  • logo-bc-barista-championship
    U.S. Barista Championship

    The regional coffee competitions include performances from professional baristas over a 3-day event. In a 15-minute presentation, competitors prepare and serve three courses of espresso based beverages to a panel of four sensory judges, two technical judges and one head judge. Competitors strive for a harmonious balance of sweetness, bitterness, acidity, and aromatics. A signature beverage is a highly innovative, freestyle espresso-based beverage created by the barista for the competition.

    Road to the U.S. Barista Championship

    1st – 6th place regional winners advance to compete at the U.S. Barista Championship which takes place at the U.S. Coffee Championships Arena in Long Beach, CA.

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  • US Barista Championship
    U.S. Barista Championship

    The United States Barista Championship (USBC) is a platform for baristas to enhance their espresso beverage making skills through an exciting and challenging competition. In 15 minutes, the barista must prepare and serve espressos, cappuccinos, and a personally designed signature beverage for four sensory judges; all while being assessed on their preparation abilities by two technical judges. The USBC is more than a competition; it’s a place to develop community and meet other coffee lovers from across the US. Throughout the year, baristas from all across the country compete in six regional competitions to qualify for this national event and the winner of the USBC will go on to represent the United States in the World Barista Championship.

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  • US Bewers Cup
    U.S. Brewers Cup

    The U.S. Brewers Cup recognizes and celebrates the art of manual coffee brewing. At the Regional competition, all competitors are firstly judged in a tasting round in which they all brew the same coffee for a panel of judges who will score based on taste alone. Those that qualify for the next round, will brew and present their own coffee.

    Road to the U.S. Brewers Cup Championship

    1st – 6th place regional winners advance to the U.S. Brewers Cup Championship which takes place annually at the U.S Coffee Championships Arena in Long Beach, CA.

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  • US Cup Tasters
    U.S. Cup Tasters Championship


    Competitors in the U.S. Cup Tasters test their skills to discriminate between tastes in a “triangulation” format. Tasters receive eight sets of three-cups, or triangles, where two cups were identical and one was different. Competitors seek to identify the one cup that is different through testing their ability to smell, taste, recall and concentrate on the task at hand against the clock. The competitor with the most correct answers in the shortest amount of time is named the champion.


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  • logo-us-roasters-championship
    U.S. Roaster Championship


    The annual Roasters Choice Competition is held in conjunction with the U.S. Coffee Championships (USCC) and is designed to highlight the art and craft of coffee roasting. The top 6 coffees will be showcased at the annual Event in April. The roasted coffee that earns the top score, as determined by a panel of judges, will be named the winner of the 2015 Roasters Choice Competition. The coffees will then be served to attendees at the brew bar in the U.S. Coffee Championships Arena. This competition is open only to current Roasters Guild members.

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  • logo-us-coty
    Coffees of the Year

    We are constantly working to refine and refresh our Event and all of its component pieces. We are taking this opportunity to continue to rework our approach to the Coffees Of the Year (COTY) program to make it more accessible and rewarding for all of our coffee stakeholders. Look for a new and exciting version of COTY for Seattle 2015!

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  • logo-bc-brewers-cup
    U.S. Brewers Cup

    The United States Brewers Cup is an exciting competition that highlights and celebrates the fine art of manual brewing. Competitors are judged in two rounds by skilled coffee tasters. The first round is a blind tasting, the competitors all brew the same coffee on their chosen manual deceives. Those who advance to the second round will brew and present their chosen coffee to the judges’ panel. The winner of the US Brewers Cup will represent the United States in the World Brewers Cup Championship.

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Now that you've decided to take your coffee skills and knowledge to the next level, it's time to make sure that you've got all the competitive edge you'll need. Refine your technical skills and add some personal flair to your presentation. It's your chance to show off your talent so make the most of it! Make sure you familiarize yourself with USBC Rules and Regulations and Scoresheets.


Do you have a strong barista background or relevant coffee tasting experience? Are you looking to become involved in the regional barista competition? Becoming certified as a U.S. Coffee Championships (USCC) Regional Judge provides you an opportunity to be involved at the center of the competition while helping to advance your overall espresso knowledge. At all of our regional coffee competitions, our pool of judges plays an integral part in determining each of our regional champions. It is a serious commitment that provides access to some of the most innovative coffee preparation techniques in the specialty coffee community!


If you have ever thought about competing, volunteering is a great way to get a behind the scenes look at what it takes.

Our competitions rely heavily on volunteer participation for critical positions such as Timekeepers, Station Maintenance support and Scorekeepers plus a variety of other skill building position. Volunteering is also gives you the opportunity to network with current competitors and other industry professionals.

Take a look at the various volunteer positions available to you and sign-up today!


SCAA has created targeted sponsorship opportunities to showcase your company’s products and services and reach a targeted audience. Learn more about how you can highlight your products, create branding and networking opportunities, engage and interact as an industry leader among coffee professionals.


Interested in covering a U.S Coffee Championship? We welcome the opportunity to work with members of the media to share the specialty coffee story. If you're interested in attending a competition, scheduling an interview or requesting photographs for editorial purposes, please fill out the Media/Press Badge Request Form.

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