The 2020 Preliminaries are happening in the summer of 2019! Cup Tasters is joining the CoffeeChamps Preliminaries for the first time this season! These local, member-driven events are the perfect place for first-time competitors and judges to get experience and get involved in coffee competitions!

Each Cup Tasters Prelim will host 4-24 competitors. The Top 3 competitors from each Prelim receive a reserved spot at one of the CoffeeChamps Qualifying Competitions.


Registration fees are set by the Prelims Host, ranging from $10-$40.

All supplies, wares, and coffee are provided!

Host Registration Pages Coming Soon!

For the 2020 season of the United States Cup Tasters Championship (USCTC) there will be 2 Qualifying Competitions leading up to the national championship. In order to move on to USCTC, Barkeeps must first qualify at CoffeeChamps. All unreserved spots for CoffeeChamps will be available for Open Registration in the Fall of 2019, after the conclusion of the Prelims.


At the U.S. CoffeeChamps Cup Tasters Prelims:

Fast and fun, the Cup Tasters Prelims challenges competitors to test their sensory skills by discerning taste differences in a “triangulation.” Tasters receive 5 sets of three cups where two cups are identical and one is different. Competitors are challenged to  taste, smell, recall, and choose the unique cup in each triangulation.

The person with the most correct answers in the shortest amount of time wins!


The Online Learning Sessions are designed for competitors. This one hour training is required for all Prelims judges and competitors. This training will cover Rules and protocols.

Online Learning Sessions attendance is mandatory.

These sessions will be recorded; those who cannot attend the live session(s) may watch the recordings. However, attendance at a live session is highly recommended, so everyone has the opportunity to ask questions.

Cup Tasters Prelims Online Training
Recording of the Training: